Studio-D Online CD Mastering

Studio-D Online CD Mastering


Mastering is the last stage of the recording process and is an important link between the artist, the recording studio and finally the CD replication plant.

Once your final mixes are sent to our mastering engineer he will be guided by the producer to achieve the final sound they are looking for but it is also a fresh pair of ears in a different environment which can often raise awareness to possible problems i.e. frequency equalization problems etc. which can then be addressed at this stage.

The mastering engineer will add final maximizing and enhancement of the sound, balance the tracks to make them flow in the running order requested. At this time also placing the correct track spaces to create the final album and also adding ISRC codes or CD text codes to turn them into albums ready for the replication plant.

Based in Wick, Caithness in the north of Scotland, Studio-D mastering is now able to accept your final 2 track files online. This can be done by uploading your files to us using Yousendit or any other file transfer sites.

Once your project is mastered you can download a DDP player (Mac or PC) from our site and we?ll send you the mastered project for you to check. Once you?ve checked and you're satisfied, the DDP file can then be uploaded direct to the replication plant of your choice. We can supply final Red Book Audio CDR but DDP is the preferred choice of CD replication plants as it?s more stable than optical media discs and DDP can be sent online doing away with possible courier delays etc.

Our engineer has nearly twenty years experience of analogue and digital mastering in many different formats of music and spoken word so feel free to contact us at Studio-D where you will receive a first class mastering service.