IRSC & Gracenotes Information

IRSC & Gracenotes Information


Studio-D recommends that you add ISRC codes to your CD production master. ISRC helps log any radio play royalties and will ensure that you receive accurate royalty payments.

To register for ISRC visit PPL will then supply you with an owner code and then you create codes for each track on your album.

Once you have your ISRC codes, please forward them along with your .wav files as they can then be embedded into your master for manufacture.

Gracenotes Database

Gracenotes is a database used for storing all album track details and it provides iTunes with all the metadata for displaying your album info on inserting your CD into iTunes. On completion of receiving your final mastered CD here are the details on how to upload all the info to Gracenotes.

  1. Open iTunes 11 and insert your CD
  2. Locate your CD in iTunes but do not import the disc
  3. Highlight all the tracks on the CD
  4. Right click and select the option 'Get Info'
  5. Click the ?Info? tab
  6. Insert the album title/artist name/year/genre then click 'OK'
  7. In the iTunes track listing for your CD, highlight track 1 and right click on 'Get Info'
  8. Click the 'Info' tab and insert the relevant track details for the track
  9. Then click on 'Next' and iTunes will jump to the next track
  10. Once you've inserted all of the track details, click on 'OK'
  11. Highlight all of your tracks in iTunes again
  12. Go to the upper right hand corner of iTunes and click on "Options"
  13. Select 'Submit CD Track Names'
  14. All of your album and track details will now upload to Gracenotes