Submission Guidlines

Submission Guidlines

Please supply your master in the following formats

DVD data disc
CDR data disc
Hard drive / pen drive
Ftp transfer
Audio CD

Please clearly mark all discs, drives with the following important information

  1. Client name
  2. Artist name
  3. Album title
  4. Cat. No.
  5. Bit depth and sample rate
  6. Date
  7. Track running order

Digital guidelines for mastering

  1. Please supply .wav files where possible but .aiff can also be accepted.
  2. Your .wav files to be supplied as stereo interleaved files. If you are supplying multi mono files, they must be saved with .L & .R in the file name and must be of identical duration.
  3. Please supply 24 or 32 bit files as the sample rate used during the mixing process. Make sure you supply this information when sending the files.
  4. Headroom ? please keep highest peaks on your files to -4db below 0db. This allows for any eq changes which can increase the overall level of the track.
  5. Please make track file names as accurate as possible especially if abbreviations are used.